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Sandbox VR is the closest thing to the holodeck that exists, and is the future of entertainment. By combining movie quality motion capture technology with virtual reality, we allow our guests to become the center of a thrilling new universe, interacting in unprecedented levels with anyone else participating – like in the real world, only better.


Now, you will have the opportunity to be the first to bring this fast-growing, revolutionary experience to your country or city. Request information now to get on board with the most developed location-based VR technology and our premium quality content produced by industry leaders. To be a Sandbox VR franchisee is to be part of something truly unique with tremendous potential. It’s clear why top VC firms like Andreessen Horowitz and Craft Ventures, along with celebrities and influencers such as Katy Perry and Kevin Durant have invested.


Franchise Success Through a Winning Roadmap

The team at Sandbox is dedicated to your success as a franchisee and our support is fully included in your franchise investment. We’ll guide you through design, site selection, construction, marketing and technology – and will be with you every step of the way following your launch. 

When you join Sandbox VR you don’t just get an amazing business opportunity with the potential for great return on investment, you also benefit from a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. Our current franchisees are located across the globe – from US and Canada to Asia and across Europe. Our experiences also feature localized language options to ensure maximum relevance to guests.

A Business That Markets Itself

Sandbox VR experiences aren’t just designed to be thrilling while in a holodeck, they are designed to be social and fun to watch even after leaving. Every guest takes with them highlight videos of their experience that are irresistible to share on social media. The result is a business that enables each of your guests to market your business for you, allowing your business to grow virally the same way the most successful technology companies have grown.

Our technology and media teams are constantly improving and updating these keepsakes to make sure every guest brings more and more of their friends to your business over time.


Inside Sandbox VR

Pioneering Technologies

The Design of Sandbox VR Experiences

“We believe this new medium is not about better movies or a more immersive game. We believe it’s something else entirely, and we as an industry will need to learn from the best of both movies and gaming”. – Steve Zhao (Founder & CEO)


World Class Franchise & Technology

As a Sandbox VR Franchisee you get…

  • A chance to bring something truly new and unique to your market – be on the cusp of an entertainment revolution
  • A strong business model with compelling financial results
  • Ongoing comprehensive support
  • Turnkey deployment in country 
  • Immersive futuristic experiences including those based on the most in demand IP from Netflix and Paramount
  • Patented cutting edge technology backed by experts who relentlessly pursue innovation



A Visionary with Passion

You may be an operator within the industry, or in a similar sector – which is advantageous, but not a prerequisite for us. As we are in this together, we’ll guide you through all the specifics of our business. As long as you are passionate about being a pioneer in bringing immersive VR experiences to your location, have experience in scaling a major business and feel strongly about the future of the industry, you can make a great Sandbox franchisee.

If you’re an experienced investor looking to grow your portfolio, Sandbox VR offers attractive multi-unit packages that can have stark bottom-line advantages. The more locations you open, the faster you are able to grow.  And multiple locations means you may benefit from shared resources, greater purchasing power, supply chain efficiencies and more profitability drivers. 


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Join The Team

For a limited time, we’re offering Franchising opportunities to highly qualified operators on a first come first served basis. You must have at least $1 Million in liquid assets and a net worth of $2 Million to qualify for a Sandbox VR franchise. Please only request information if you meet these requirements.
How to become a Sandbox VR Franchisee:

  • STEP 1 Get in touch with us through our request information form
  • STEP 2 Meet with our Franchise team over a video call
  • STEP 3 Review our Franchise Disclosure Document
  • STEP 4 Learn more at Discovery Day
  • STEP 5 Meet our Executive team either in-person or over a video call
  • STEP 6 Sign the Franchising Agreement
  • STEP 7 Design a launch marketing package together
  • STEP 8 Join our training program where it suits you
  • STEP 9 Fit-out your store and launch!
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“Truly social VR, it's's wild”

- David Pierce | Wall Street Journal

Please request information for all franchise development inquiries.